My PC is broken. No PC means I have to put up with what they show on the television. So what do you expect when you turn on the tv on prime time? SINETRON!

Wikipedia’s definition of Sinetron: > Sinetron is a limited-run television soap drama in Indonesia. The word is a portmanteau of Sine, short for cinema, and Tron, short for electronic. Sinetron are essentially soap operas in miniseries format. While most English language soap operas can continue indefinitely, almost all Sinetron run for a predetermined duration. They usually air five or six days a week and run for an average of 120 episodes.

Some of the longest soap opera i can find on the net:

  • (The) Guiding Light (1952-????)
    > at more than 15,000 episodes (and still going), it is also the longest-running non-news program in U.S. television history.
  • As the World Turns (1956-????)
    > After more than 13,000 episodes, the world is still turning, and this soap is still going strong.

Wow! See that? And here I though sinetron have an absurdly long duration! No people, no, sinetron is the most sensible form of soap opera! So next time you think sinetron is soo bad because of the long duration, think again!

PS: Yes, I do consider soap operas as the lowest form of acting. But they’re funny because they suck :P

PPS: I don’t blame the actor/actress though, it’s the director and the scriptwriter responsibilities :D

PPPS: And yeah, don’t forget the producer! Punjabis, I’m watching you!