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This is awesome! You can’t stop scrolling because there’s just too much stuff to uncover. Just how many hours of productivity are lost today because of this?

“But age and maturity do not always arrive at the same time”

### – Roger Cicala


Labuhan Lalang. July 2011

In flickr there is this group where people only post picture of fence. On friday.

You can find just about anything on flickr. I think that is one of the thing that made the internet loves them.


Freemantle Railway Station. May 2011

Another perspective corrected photo. I’m not happy with the distortion at the left side of the image. You can clearly see that the clock is not round. But hey, for a photo that weren’t shot with a tilt-shift lens you can accept a little distortion right?

MG Siegler over at his apple1 column at Techcrunch:

Again, the fact remains that the Nexus 7 is a great device. Not a great device graded on some weird curve where we pretend that Apple products don’t exist — but a great device, period. The $199 price point is just icing on the cake.

You have to give credit to Siegler for posting a fair review for an Apple competitor product. And all this talk about Jelly Bean being almost as smooth as iOS make me want to grab one myself.

  1. Seriously though, the post has an apple tag.

When you really care about your tools, you write a prose. This is one about a text editor.


Wesley Church in Freemantle, Perth . May 2011

This is the same photo that I have previously posted here, but this time I learned how to correct perspective in Photoshop. I like that the building doesn’t looks like it’s about to fall over.

I might do another repost of this photo when I learned how to correct the flares. It is distracting.


My Friend Febry at the top of mount Batur. July 2011

This is the same photo that I posted previously, but this time I’ve learned how to do perspective control in Photoshop. So the building doesn’t looks like it’s about to fall to the back side.

Marco Arment will be using his DSLR more and iPhone less:

Because as fun as it is to share iPhone photos conveniently on Instagram, that can’t be my only photography: I also need some photos that won’t look like shit when I look back on them in the future.


Green Bowl Beach, Bali. May 2011