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Another view of Sumur Tiga beach. This time from the top. August 2013


Sumur Tiga. August 2013

Sumur tiga is a sunrise facing beach in Weh Island. This picture was taken after sunset.


Pasumpahan Island. April 2013

Neighbor of Pagang Island, the water is almost green instead of blue. No coral in this side of the island.


Pagang Island. April 2013

This is Pagang Island in Padang, West Sumatra. A tropical island with blue water, white sandy beach, and plenty of coconut trees is probably not what you have in mind when planning a vacation to Padang.

“After a certain number of years, programming becomes much less about correctly instructing the computer and much more about clearly expressing your intent to the humans that will read the code later–including yourself in six months”

### – John Siracusa

Belajar Portrait

One fine morning in Tidung Island

Located 20 Kilometers of the coast of Jakarta, Tidung offers a clean beach with unspoiled nature just a few minutes away from the metropolitan city.

It literaly is a breath of fresh air, especially if you arrive after departing from Muara Angke.

“The best way to get to the truth is to post something that’s wrong on the internet, and hoards of people will come in and correct you”

### – Kyle Clements


A panorama shot of the view at the Iboih Inn pier. Blue water, clear sky.

If you speak Indonesian, you should read my better half series on her blog about the place.


A very beautiful bay in Lombok. Forgot to ask the name of the place. November 2012.


Freemantle. May 2011