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There’s a new startup accelerator in Jakarta called Project Eden:

We are a pre seed investment company designed to enable great people to launch great ideas. We are experienced technology and investment entrepreneurs with passion to support Indonesia local start-up ecosystem. Our start-up and support process accelerate the route from planning, beta, monetization plan to sustainable success.

We are completely transparent and totally committed to helping your startup succeed. To help you get there, we offer:

  • We match your current monthly salary on your previous job.
    Worry no more on making your dream come true

  • You’re Still The Boss.
    You get to keep majority equity. We take minority.

  • Complete Focus.
    All the legal, finance and admin stuff is taken care of, so you can focus on your product.

  • Refine And Optimize.
    We provide continuous advice for business, UX, marketing and brand through us or our partners.

  • Inspirational Community and Workshop.
    We hold monthly un-conferences so everyone can share and learn.

  • Fund raising.
    We will be responsible of matchmaking the love ingredient of your business objectives with our network of investors

  • Insightful mentors.
    Startup will have access to network of our mentors and guess mentors from various field ranging from technical, design, UX, marketing, financial and distribution

Great news, but without knowing how much is this small equity they are asking, we can’t really know if this is a great deal. For comparison, ycombinator usually ask 2-10%. I guess we will found out after their first event in 9 July.