Chile goverment are importing startup to their countries, offering equity-free seed capital of USD$40,000. Free as in beer. They only ask that you move to Chile for 6 months, bootstrap your company there to inspire local business:

In exchange for investing in you and your idea, we need your help to:

  1. Change the way local entrepreneurs perceive risk and reward, success and failure. With the objective of promoting long term and permanent change in the local environment, we want you to help stimulate and promote changes in the Chilean entrepreneurial culture by organizing local events, presentations, workshops, and classes in order to transfer your knowledge and global vision.
  2. Increase the overall amount of business operating in Chile in order to positively impact job creation and overall economic growth. We believe the mechanism of Start-Up Chile is one of the best and most tangible vehicles that will drive Chile’s economic growth in the next decade, catapulting the nation into more advanced economic status, bringing access to better education, higher health care standards, and an overall better quality of life for its citizens

These are some really forward thinking on the goverment part, and looks like its working!