Fajar Nurdiansyah

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Hello, my name is Fajar Nurdiansyah.

I’m a programmer, hobbyst photographer, open water diver, and a fast-food eater.

I live in a midsized city in Indonesia, and I write software for GeekSeat. I doubt you’ll ever see my work because most of them are internal corporate software. But I really like writing code, so I create stuff on the weekend. Stuff like flick.

If you want to contact me, email fajar@fajarnurdiansyah.com

You can also find me on twitter, flickr, and facebook.

About this blog

I can’t write.1 This blog is an attempt to fix that.

The blog is a static html website powered by jekyll, a simple, blog aware, static site generator.2 Modeled after tumblr, it has Link, Quote, and Photo post. I dont see how I will use Chat and Audio post.

Hosting is provided by GitHub, you can view the full source code for this blog here.

posts and spit out a bunch of index.html page.

  1. Other than code that is, I’m good with code. We understand each other.

  2. Such fancy words for a software that basically take text file blog